Friday, January 30, 2015

Robstep Unicycle Personal Electric Transporters

Robstep Unicycle Personal Transporters

Introducing The Robstep Unicycle Personal Transporter.  The Robstep Personal Transporter has a sleek new Design and now comes with Built In Blue Tooth Speakers so you can listen to your favorite music right from the Transporter.

The Robstep unicycle works off of Balance.  You lean forward and it goes forward, lean back and you go back.  To achieve turning you just lean your Balance like a Bicycle and go left and right.

  Many Smooth and Clean Colors to Choose From  

Robstep U1 Unicycle Specs

Control method Sine Vector Control

Motor power 350W

Climb capacity 18°

Battery capacity 132Wh

Charger Input: AC220V 50-60Hz Output: 67.2V 2A

Charging time 1h

Distance per charge 18-25km

Maximum speed 18km/h

Maximum load 120kg

Product dimensions Height: 471mm Width:406mm Thickness: 156m

Ground clearance of pedals 110mm

Diameter of the tyres 360mm

Product's weight 10kg

Bluetooth V3.0 support HFPV1.5 A2DPV1.2 AVRCPV1.4 HSP1.2

Build-in Bluetooth speaker

Two bluetooth speakers were installed in the Robstep Unicycle, You can Connect them with your smart phone, then enjoy your favorite music while Cruising Around enjoying the Outdoors. 

Smart voice prompts

Tilt protection:  when the U1 inclined over 60°, the motor will stop automatically.

Low power protection:  the voice prompts will be activated when the U1's electricity is lower than 20%.

Speed limit protection

The voice prompts will be activated when the Ropbstep Unicycle speed is over 18km/h,  It will also incline backward to stop accelerating when you reach the safe speed limit.

Free USA Shipping

The Robstep Unicycle takes around 3 -5 Business days to get a tracking number and then are delivered in around 3-5 days by dhl or fedex express. After you complete checkout we will send you a follow up email within 24 hrs and ask you to confirm your color choice as well as shipping address and phone number for the shipper. Please contact us if you have any questions or Concerns Before ordering. 

Free USA Shipping, all other Countries will need contact us about the Shipping Cost.  There are no Import fees on the Robsep Unicycle to the USA, all others will need to contact their local government or customs to see if there is an import charge or fee. ( Import Charges are your Responsibility )